Thursday, February 14, 2013

Past Midnight by Mara Purnhagen

This book was another library special. Starting Tuesday Iwill have a few more newly released book reviews, but for now I am sticking with my library and random books.
Past Midnight by Mara Purnhagen is a ghost story, though they term it 'energy' in the book.

In Past Midnight we meet Charlotte Silver, a 17 year old girl who is known as the Princess of Paranormal. Charlotte's parents are renowned paranormal investigators and haunting debunkers. What this means for Charlotte though is lots of different schools and summers spent hunting ghosts. Charlotte prefers to spend her time behind the camera instead of in front of it but that doesn't always go well for her. While in Charlotte South Caroline Charlotte and her sister Annaliese are on set to try and summon ghosts to the restaurant that is supposedly haunted.

Fast forward to the start of a new school year and strange things are starting to happen to Charlotte. It is another new school and for once no one has found out who her parents are. But the school has a secret of its own, a mystery of how a star football player died the year before. At the school Charlotte soon becomes friends with Avery, a cheerleader who seems to be at the center of the mystery.
And all the while this is happening, Charlotte finds out that something followed her back from Charlotte, something that might not be friendly.

I thought that while the book felt a bit rushed, it was still a good story. It was a bit tame to qualify as a horror book, even though it did contain ghosts. Overall it was good.

I would rate it a 3.75/5.

Past Midnight Series by Mara Purnhagen - When I started the book I didn't realize it was just the first in a series but now I am hooked.

Deception by Lee Nichols - this is another ghost story, thought more on the paranormal side. In Past Midnight ghosts are residual energy, in Deception they are like living beings, just dead.

Beyond: A Ghost Story by Graham McNamee - This book is more of a traditional ghost story, meant to be a YA horror novel I think. Still, Ghosts.

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