Saturday, February 2, 2013

This World We Live In by Susan Beth Pfeffer

Hey look, its the third book in the Last Survivors Trilogy!
You can find my review of book two here.

This World We Live In by Susan Beth Pfeffer takes place several months after the end of The Dead and the Gone. In this book we are back in Pennsylvania with Miranda and her family from the first book.

Their world is still in chaos after an asteroid has impacted on the moon and moved it closer to Earth. In the first book we see what Miranda, her mother, and her two brothers have to do to survive and in the second book we follow Alex Morales and his family. And in the third book we find out what happens when these two families collide.

After a hard winter it is finally spring. While the sky is still gray from volcanic ash, the snow has turned to rain and the fish are running in the river nearby. Things are looking good for Miranda and her family until a group of survivors ring their doorbell and their supplies start to run short.

This book was a pretty satisfying to end to the trilogy -- only, hold your horses, there is going to be a fourth book!

In reality, I think I would have been very disappointed if I hadn't known there would be a fourth book. While the book ended fairly well it seemed more like the middle of a longer book.

I still thouroughly enjoyed This World We Live In by Susan Beth Pfeffer. I would rate it a 3.75/5 and I definitely plan on reading the fourth book in the series which is out later this year.

Recommended books:
The Last Survivors series by Susan Beth Pfeffer - This series is pretty awesome about a post apocalyptic life.

The Shade of the Moon by Susan Beth Pfeffer - This is the next book in the series that is supposed to come out in September 2013. It takes place two years after This World We Live in and focuses on Miranda's younger brother Jon.

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