Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Birth of a Warrior by Michael Ford

The Birth of a Warrior by Michael Ford is the second book in the Spartan Warrior series. (Fire of Ares book one in  the Spartan Warrior Series review found here.)

This book starts not long after Fire of Ares, after the uprising. Lysander is dealing with the after effects when he is chose to be the first to go on his five day survival journey that will mark him as fit to be a Spartan warrior. Lysander is paired with Demoratos and Agesilaus for the journey, two people who will do about anything to make sure he doesn't make it off the mountain alive. When Lysander saves Demoratos from certain death new alliances are made.

While facing the challenges of his journey Lysander notices a fire and thinking it is a forest fire he races off to try and help only to find out that the coastal villages are burning. The Persians have attacked and killed the messenger that has gone to warn Sparta.

Sparta is now in the hands of Lysander.

Birth of a Warrior is an excellent sequel to The Fire of Ares. It has all the same characters facing new challenges and rising to the occasion. It shows the trials of Spartan training along with Lysander and his fight to stay true to himself. Lysander's upbringing and his current situation are constantly at odds but he somehow manages to make it work.

I would rate this book a 4 out of 5.

The Fire of Ares by Michael Ford - This is the first book in the Spartan Warrior series and it would be a good idea to read it first.

Gladiatrix by Russell Whitfield - I haven't read this one but it is about a female Spartan who has been trained as a priestess warrior. Also, her name is Lysandra

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