Monday, January 28, 2013

Flash Flood by Chris Ryan

Towards the beginning of my blog I read and reviewed Survival by Chris Ryan. I enjoyed it and wanted to read the second book in the series but got distracted. Instead I ended up reading Flash Flood by Chris Ryan. Flash Flood is the first book in Chris Ryan Code Red series.

In Flash Flood by Chris Ryan we are introduced to Ben Tracey, a 13 year old British boy who is the son of two scientists. Ben's mother, Dr. Bel Kelland is both a scientist and environmentalist and at the beginning of the book she is giving a lecture on global warming. After the lecture she is asked to speak to several politicians, but this means she will be late picking Ben up from the train station. Her decision to speak to the politicians sets up the entire book, Ben's fight to reach his mother after a natural disaster.

London is right at sea level and the only reason it doesn't flood is because of the Thames Barrier. But when an inexperienced tanker helmsmen runs in to the barrier during torrential rain fall London is flooded.

This is the story of Ben's survival as he fights his way across London to reunite with his mother. Along the way we are introduced to several other characters, like his mother Dr. Bel Kelland, and two criminals who manage to escape police custody during the initial panic.

I would rate this book a 4 out of 5 when considered with its age range. It was written for a younger audience and so will seem a very easy read for those of us a bit older than the target age. The author Chris Ryan manages to sneak in some survival tips at the same timehe builds a strong story.

Wildfire by Chris Ryan - This is the sequel to Flash Flood. If you like the first, read the second!

Survival by Chris Ryan - I reviewed this book a few weeks ago and enjoyed it. The review can be found here.

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